Fit Fashion Caught on Film.

Roll the tapes to find actors and actresses workin’ the bods they rock WHILE looking good doing it.

These are some of my favorite movie workout moments filled with Fit Fashion divas.


My favorite, of course is the bimbo bicycling scene of the two blonde ambition protagonists in Romi and Michelle’s High School Reunion. Notice that their formal gym up-dos are fabulous.

Yes, the girls did overdo it with the glam, but the bling leads me to remember my favorite be-jewled yoga pants from Victoria Secret’s PINK, where bling shines high to the max.


Next, from a Suzanne Summer’s era classic an over sized sweatshirt goes a long way in Flashdance.


Steal the look and throw on a shoulder-showing sweatshirt over  fitted yoga leggings for a retro look. The over-sized one below is from American Apparel.


Don’t forget the simple sexiness of a t-shirt in gym class. Showing off a fit body does not mean super-tight, stretchy fabric. Be a sporty goddess in soffes and a t-shirt like Regina George (Rachel McAdams) in Mean Girls. Sporting an old gym shirt might push you to climb the rope again, or not.


Also, wearing an ironic t-shirt like the one below updates the gym class ensemble. I love all giggle-inducing t-shirts from BUSTEDTEES. Both guys and girls can find awesome t-shirts there — this one says, “This is why I’m hot.”


Rain drizzle getting you down? Don’t miss a step with the right rain jacket for running or all other outdoor workouts. Even in dreary New York City, these two bride besties managed to keep in shape and dry in Bride Wars. With the right gear, these girls take to the city streets like a girl chasing a man holding a Tiffany’s engagement ring.


This fitted and bright white one from NIKE fits into any running wardrobe. Plus, it promises to be super lightweight.


A multitude of movies show fit girls and guys working out, and whether they are slacking or not their clothes always fit the part. So, next time you flick on your favorite film checkout what clothes play the role of Fit Fashion.


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