Sipping Spring Style.

Style sippin.

Drop that disposable water bottle (in the recycling bin) and pick up a resuable and HOT new stylish sipper.

Nathan Performance Gear makes BPA-free bottles that not only avoid landfills but keep you healthy in the sweltering heat, too.

My roomie uses her Nathan Sports water bottles at the gym, student teaching and even while cramming for tough exams. Keeping these bright, fun colors and designs by her side means it’s easy to keep her muscles and brain hydrated all day long.

Plus, the clips and fold in sip-straws prevent spills. Choose from metal or plastic as well as a variety of styles. What does your water say about you — environmental junkie, tough girl or minimalistic? There is a bottle to quench every style.

These cute bottles are hydrating forces not to be reckoned with, so sip away, divas!


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