Be an On-The-Go Pro

Getting a professional blowout– who has the time?

My daily beauty concern revolves around making it from PING to Ellis in a span of five minutes while also crossing my fingers that the smell of fresh sweat radiating from my skin is not too (extremely) noticeable.

But here’s how dirty girls pull it off: the post-gym look.

Baby powder is limp hair’s best friend. It eats up grease faster than Paula Dean can utter “butter.” Sprinkle a little on your roots, bend over and let the Women’s Restroom hand dryer do all the work for you. It minimizes oil and releases the marks of pony-tail holder hair. (P-T.H.H. is even worse than hat hair, it leaves that extremely noticeable kink right where the elastic was sitting. No honey, calling this look “wavy” is a stretch.) Plus, that blowout mentioned earlier? Totally the poor girl’s trip to an Elizabeth Arden salon.

Choose a baby powder in the expected scent or fresh flowers! I have also seen lavender.

Next, wash your face, shoulders and back. Skip the full-on Bior skincare line and get a quick rinse. Hand soap is actually a great bacteria eater, some dermatologists suggest replacing it a few days a week for your formal face wash. This is in no way an excuse against showering after class, but it stops sweat from drying and clogging clean pores. I carry travel size makeup removing wipes. They are great for swiping over face, neck, back and even armpits.

This is my favorite!

Mini everything is perfect for plopping into letter bags, backpacks, purses and fanny-packs. I carry mini deodorant, oil-free face lotion, mascara and even St. Ive’s facial scrub for the most serious cleaning moments. No matter your favorite brand it most likely comes in a mini-me size. You can even find travel-size sets of these items at Target or WalMart, so no assembly required! Not a drugstore beauty kind of girl? Check out these higher-end items, here.

These Minimus Female Personal Care Travel Kits are sold at Walmart.

Anything you normally use can be made smaller and useful at the gym. Dry shampoo, hair brushes and most makeup items — bring whatever makesyou feel pretty.

Finally, change your shirt. Bring a spare and swap it out. Sweat is most noticeable when forming a back swamp on your t-shirt or tank. As gross as it sounds, rolling up a sweaty t-shirt and tucking it into your bag is easier than showing the world you did 3 miles on the treadmill. Let smooth thighs and a rockin’ body be the evidence, not a sweaty top. Besides, the cold sweat clinging to your back provides a breeding ground for bacne . . . gross!

Busy girls keep things going — don’t skip the gym because there is only an hour between class to spare. Go for it!


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