Spring cleaning.

Despite the lack of springy weather, why not do a little spring cleaning?

That definitely does not bring out a ray of sunshine for most people, unless you are suffering from OCD and actually ENJOY cleaning. The good news is we’re talking about sifting through our fitness wardrobes–not your entire house– so, no broom required!

This week Fitness put out a step-by-step guide on replacing your workout gear.

Turns out all the science that makes fitness fabrics so impressive needs as much special care as our actual bodies do. Water repellent, cool gear, warm gear and any other special fabric can deter within months if washed with fabric softener. Also, hang-drying these items is best.

If you wear these often, wash them carefully!

Check the tag for clues about fabric care, but most replacement comes down to frequency of use and type of material. Your spandex, if thrown into the wash nearly every week, won’t outlive  the rotation of all fifty cotton t-shirts you own, one for each organization on campus, of course.

As far as the girls go, bras can live three months to a full year according to how often they’re washed and used. The article recommends doubling up on bras if one gets too weak and you’re not ready to trash it.

I could never part with my Victoria Secret sports bras. Call me girly, but they reach heavenly perfection.

Love these color pops! Under a black tank? Perfection.

How often do you wash a sports bra? Almost as often as you sweat in it. Warmer weather means more frequent washes. Fit Sugar recommends jumping into the shower and scrubbing your bra — yes, take it off first. That way you are not doing whole loads of laundry for one sports bra, and hand washing is better for bras anyways.

Other common pieces are yoga mats, exercise bands, weights, cardio machines and exercise balls. These may not be something you wear but they are just as important. Most are replaced as needed; look for holes, odors, cracks and yellowing. However, exercise balls CAN pop. Um, embarrassing! The more you shrink and blow up a ball the less it lives, so use caution and replace every one to two years.

Find this at Dick's Sporting Good's!


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