Out-fitting your outfit.

T-minus 5 weeks til Hilton Head and counting … For those lucky students who will soon be hitting the sand while sipping Frosty Frogs it’s time to get in gear at the gym.

So while your’re blasting calories here’s a few pre-arranged outfits that are too cute to not workout! I clicked through pins on pins of “workout gear” to find a few of my favorite on Pinterest.

Here’s a great look for Ping classes or runners.

Rock your runs!

With those shades a gal will look cute just walking from A to B.

Now this pastel collection of calm pieces is perfect for classes like Yoga, Pilates or their cross-breed Yogalates. A friend of mine recently began stretching her athletic ability at Inhale Yoga, she says benefits include not only strengthening her core but lengthening her patience.

Color-tastic in elastic!

Do not be afraid to mix and match what you like, though, no one wants to be a walking billboard for any one sporting brand.

Plus no matter what you wear, music matters. I found the cutest way to hold your iPod while working it.

A warm and fuzzy running buddy!

This knit iPod holder looks less intense than the typical black band used by most runners. Who says you have to look tough to act tough? Hit the gym your way, your style.


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