Wish for Warm Weather … & Pick Up the Pace.

There’s something I’ve been noticing a lot around campus – kicks. Maybe I need to divert more of my attention from ground level, but lately when I hit the gym or even walk to class I notice one trend that’s picking up the pace: bright, fun and flirty kicks.

We’re all still crossing our fingers for 80-degree weather in Athens, but don’t hold your breath. Despite the lack of layouts, the weather is definitely warm enough to run outside (or at least walk rather than drive to Ping) !

Shape magazine reviewed exercise shoes this week in their 2012 Shoe Awards, and the magazine gave out medals for best shoe per physical activity. Topping the ranks and the trails were two of my favorites:  Brooks and Asics.

I run in Asics, which won best support and best performance in high impact cardio (think aerobic classes at Ping and plyometrics).  But Brooks also keeps catching my eye. They win the hotness award for being super lightweight.

The multitasking newbie, however, which switched from elliptical to bootcamp like a pro was the Ryka Transpire. New technology hidden in the shoe keeps tootsies cool whether you’re cardio dancing or hitting the track. I haven’t heard much about Ryka, but their shoes look structured and come in a variety of colors. No boys allowed though; Ryka Sport Company boasts that their shoes are for women only!

Fans of Carrie Bradshaw know that a fabulous shoe creates the outfit. So drop the Sketchers and buy a real running shoe! Even if the main reason you purchase a particular pair is because its neon laces highlight your tan, doing a little  research helps your joints stay joyful and keeps the aches away.

Here’s a tip: if your sneakers bend and wring like a towel then they are not offering enough support. Your knees, ankles and every joint in between take a beating  with each footstep hitting the pavement. Replace running shoes every three to six months – sooner if you run more than five miles a treck and later if you primarily exercise indoors.


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